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Showroom open 7 days a week at canada
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Solutions for Creating a Healthy Home

Air Purification

Your body needs clean, pure air, but most of the air around us is plagued by toxins and chemicals that can cause chronic health conditions.

Water Purification

Lead, bacteria, fluoride, heavy metals, and nitrates are only some of the invisible and unhealthy impurities in our every day drinking water.

Electromagnetic Fields

Our wired AND WIRELESS society is not without its pitfalls - carcinogenic EMF Radiation levels in our homes are a part of our everyday lives.


Detoxifying your body, mind, and spirit is an important part of improving your quality of life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Your healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy environment. We conduct both home and workplace assessments to ensure you’re living the healthiest lifestyle you can, no matter where you are.

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Challenging and changing the home industry for years.

Our health is the most important investment we can ever make and we owe it to ourselves to maintain the healthiest lifestyles possible. This is the philosophy that has driven our team of design experts for the last two decades, and now, for the first time ever, medical-grade healthy homes and workplaces can be a reality for everyone with Healthy Home Makeovers.

Designing medical-grade healthy homes in ONTARIO

Your body needs clean, pure air, but much of the air around us is plagued by toxins and chemicals that may cause chronic health conditions.

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Our elite team of environmental medical experts combined with industry leading building biologists have teamed up to create instant healthy indoor solutions for any home or workspace!

Does your home or office have Wi-Fi? Are you located near hydro lines or a water tower? EMF testing will let you know if radio waves from surrounding equipment infrastructure are affecting your physical environment. Concerned about your family breathing clean air while they sleep? Our air quality experts have suggestions on how to purify the air in your home.

Remove odours and contaminants from the water in your home with a new Water Purification System. We’ll even test the water first to let you know what you need.

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After getting an air cleaner put into our home in hopes to improve our home and health, within days we were seeing improvements within our home. One of the first things we saw was less dust on our window blinds and throughout the house. We also had our house measured again following our installation and found a tremendous improvement in the number of particles within our air.


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