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Create a healthy home that turns your living space into
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Water Purification

Ensure your family stays safe with a water purification system. Purify your tap water to create clean, soft water free of unhealthy contaminants to provide your family with crystal-clear drinking water.

Air Purification

The air in your home may be filled with pollutants, dust mites, mold, pet dander, even volatile organic compounds—and you wouldn’t even know it. Cleanse your home’s air with air purifiers that can help you breathe better.

Co Zzz Sleep – Custom Organic Bedding

Let your body get the proper rest it needs with organic bedding. Enjoy the benefits of the natural world in the comfort of your own bed, and wake up feeling invigorated every morning by having the best sleep of your life.


Dispel the malingering effects of harmful toxicants and influences through detoxification. Purify your body and guard against the negative effects of EMF fields to achieve healthier living.

Healthy Home Cleaning

Clean your house for optimal living with Healthy Home Cleaning. Our experts will make your home the cleanest it has ever been with a top-to-bottom, completely thorough cleansing that provides radiant results.

Healthy Home Building

Achieve the ideal home of your dreams with Healthy Home Building. We work with you to design, renovate and build new living spaces made to fit your individual lifestyle and needs.

Healthy Home Assessment

Learn the true quality of your living environment with a Healthy Home Assessment. We meticulously test the livability of your home or office to help you make informed decisions.

Duct Cleaning

Keep your HVAC system running at peak efficiency while ensuring optimal air quality with our Duct Cleaning. Our experts will rid your ducts of dust and contaminants for fresh indoor air you can enjoy all year long.

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Danielle Pancer
Danielle Pancer
Our experience with Healthy Home Makeovers was a 10/10. Brian is knowledgeable, friendly and goes so far above and beyond his scope of work. He really took the time to explain all of his suggestions to improve the air quality and water system in our home, as well as reducing the exposure to electromagnetic waves we are constantly surrounded by. He changed our air and furnace filters, while showing us how so it would be easy for us to do on our own the next time. He even taped and foiled our basement vent that is not venting property as a temporary solution, as this was discovered to be unsafe. Thank you Brian, for taking the time and the extra time, beyond the call of duty. You're the best!
Shirley Zerfas
Shirley Zerfas
Brian and his team were great in helping me get a comfortable, eco/enviro friendly solution fast!. My Mom is so HAPPY with it that she says it is the next best thing before heaven & not too soft and not too hard. Perfectly build to our requests and she says she is breathing much easier while sleeping too!
Ten E
Ten E
We ordered a new mattress from Brian at HHM a couple of weeks ago, and he hand delivered (following safety protocols) the mattress to my house just a few days later. The mattress was fresh from the factory and was a spring mattress with the organic cotton topper for my son's newly converted double bed. We paid far less for this mattress than my older son's equivalent mattress from a big box store, and I felt we got an excellent deal. My younger son, (the new recipient) loves his new mattress. It is supportive and soft, and he really enjoys sleeping in his new bed. I've fallen asleep with him a couple times in it already, it is really that comfortable. My other son has taken to also sleeping in his little brother's new bed with his CoZZZSleep mattress and he has given it the highest stamp of approval. Both boys wake up refreshed and happy. 5 Stars!
O'Doherty Paul
O'Doherty Paul
We completed a home renovation in March of 2019. Prior to demolition we decided to look into the air and water quality of our home. There was no sense fixing the aesthetics without investigating the air we breathe and the water we drink. When Brian visited our home he was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and tested our water and air systems. We decided to invest in a 5 Stage Whole Home Hepa air filter, a Vectatwist reverse osmosis system and upgraded Water Softener for our home. We had our new air system installed pre-demolition and our water system post renovation. We have noticed a difference in our health since installing these items.
Cheryl Grossman
Cheryl Grossman
This equipment gave us such fresh air in our home. Thanks for the fantastic product and service!
fabrizio gallucci
fabrizio gallucci
Thank you Brian for our regular year maintenance on our Air Hepa-UVC-PCO air cleaner. The system is great in our condo and it made a big difference in our family life. I can honestly say that this unit is something that we been with us for a long time. Its been over 3 hears and everyone that visits us can't believe the air difference in our condo. Thank you, Thank you and many thanx
Thanks for setting up water system in the house. Appreciate the professional service from your team.
dea bander
dea bander
My daughter was suffering with eczema so bad!!! Nothing I was doing was working, so as my last option I called healthy home makeovers and am I ever thankful I did!!! Brian showed up and gave us a thorough healthy home assessment (worth WELL over their price) and we bought a water system and got my daughter setup with organic bedding and now... My baby has no patches and is sleeping through the night.. This company is incredible!! and the customer service is more then I could have expected THANK YOU BRIAN!!!

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