Air Purification / Air Quality Testing

Create a healthy living environment by purifying the air you breathe and conducting an air quality test.

Air purification works by filtering out harmful elements that could be lingering in your air. Testing your air quality will let you know if your home is filled with mould, yeasts, dust mites, seasonal pollen, pet dander, and even noxious chemicals like volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

When trapped in stagnant air, these harmful elements may cause respiratory problems and other breathing ailments to adversely impact your health.

Air purification systems and air quality tests are your best way to provide safe, clean air for your family to breathe. 


Home Assessment for Air Quality

Some 500 water boil advisories are issued every year in Canada; old water pipes may contain traces of lead. To protect your family, book a Healthy Home Assessment to discover the true air quality in your home, cottage, or office.

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