As a homeowner, you take pride in your home. It’s a place for which you’ve invested much more than just your hard-earned dollars. In return, you depend on your home to be a safe place for your family. But is it? How can you be sure?

Your house may be home to dangerous elements that could adversely impact human health. 

There could be pollutants, mold, and volatile organic compounds in your air. You could be ingesting lead, chlorine, and pesticides from your tap water

As much as you try to keep your home environment clean, contaminants and toxins are continually trying to corrupt your living space. 

Invisible intruders could be impacting the livability of your home, and you wouldn’t even know it – not without the professional expertise and specialized tools available in a Health Home Assessment.

Follow this guide to learn what you need to know to keep your family and home safe.

What is a Healthy Home Assessment?

A Healthy Home Assessment (HHA) is an on-site, multi-point, physical inspection of a home, office or cottage that determines and identifies environmental threats that have the potential for harming human health. It is a comprehensive analysis that diagnoses the true livability of a home using a fact-based, scientific process.

At Healthy Home Makeovers, we know that every home is different. By scheduling an HHA, a homeowner can better understand what is happening within the walls of their home, and know which steps to take to improve the quality of their home environment.

What does a Healthy Home Assessment test do?

The Assessment tests the quality of the air and water in an interior environment such as a home or office. It also screens for electromagnetic field radiation and toxins in a room-by-room search.

A 60 to 90-minute-long Healthy Home Assessment will consist of the following:

How does Healthy Home Assessment test air quality?

The Healthy Home Assessment team uses a sophisticated device called a “particle concentration meter” to check what is in your air. It discovers any issues you might have, and helps come up with a proper solution for them.

Possible air quality solutions include: 

How does Healthy Home Assessment test water quality?

A Healthy Home Assessment tests your tap water using your most reliable source, namely your kitchen sink, or at your water system if one is in place. During the Assessment, the equipment is set up in front of you to let you see how it works.

The HHA will test your tap water for pH levels, iron, chlorine as well as water hardness, something that is a definite problem in certain parts around the GTA.

The Healthy Home Makeovers team will let you know what’s going on with your water, and give you options on how to rectify your situation with our product recommendations.

Possible water quality solutions include:

How does Healthy Home Assessment screen for electromagnetic field radiation (EMF)?

Your home is full of electrical connections that may result in “dirty electricity” that can affect us and come into our bodies. The Healthy Home Assessment checks for electromagnetic field radiation that originates from this unnatural phenomenon.

The HHA tests all the different outlets in your home and will focus on expended levels. If discovered to be a problem, we will recommend EMF filters to help reduce unwanted “dirty electricity.”

Possible EMF solutions:

How does Healthy Home Assessment screen for toxins?

Our experts will perform a room-by-room toxin screening to determine if your home is safe or not. The screening will include checking your registers and ducts to see if they are clean, and will also check your bedding and your intakes for airflow. The Healthy Home Makeovers team will also provide homeowners with tips to use as preventative measures.

Possible toxin solutions:

What is the final result after doing a Healthy Home Assessment?

After a series of rigorous and thorough tests have been completed, the recipient of the Healthy Home Assessment will receive a full, detailed report explaining the results of the tests and will list any potential threats that were found in your home. 

The report will also inform you of what, if any, steps need to be taken through product recommendations. These recommendations are designed to help improve the environmental health of your home as well as the health of your family. 

By properly understanding the circumstances you face in your unique situation, we can properly provide the right solution to solve your problems.

How much does a Healthy Home Assessment cost? Is there a promotion?

A Healthy Home Assessment costs $99, an amount that could save you a heap of trouble in the future should you discover a problem now rather than later. But as modest as this price is, this promotion gets better.

Should you make a future purchase with Healthy Home Makeovers worth $500 after getting a Healthy Home Assessment, the full $99 amount of the Assessment fee will be credited back to you. This means that as a returning customer, the HHA would be yours for FREE.

When is the best time to perform a Healthy Home Assessment?

A Healthy Home Assessment can be performed at any time. Because it largely takes place indoors, it can be done at any time of the year.

One specific circumstance that would greatly benefit homeowners is to perform a HHA just prior to a renovation. This way, a home environment can be properly determined before being inundated by dust and contaminants kicked up during the renovations. As a result, homeowners will have a greater understanding of their home’s needs that allows them to come up with a comprehensive plan for lasting comfort and safety.

Another opportune time to schedule a Healthy Home Assessment is before selling real estate property. The assessment provides invaluable information to prospective and current homeowners that are looking to buy or sell. By knowing the true quality of this indoor environment, home buyers/sellers can give themselves an advantage during negotiations.

Do I need a Healthy Home Assessment?

Peace of mind is something that is difficult to come by these days. So if you’re a homeowner or someone that wants to positively know the true condition of a home or office space, a Healthy Home Assessment is the definitive way to find out.

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