Healthy Home Assessment

Get the real facts on the livability of your home or office with a Healthy Home Assessment. Find out if your family is at risk. Consult with our experts to learn what needs to be done to make your home as safe and healthy as possible.


Healthy Home Assessment

Healthy Home Makeovers offers a unique Healthy Home
(or office) Assessment that tests your air and water quality, measures your EMF radiation exposure, and performs a room-by-room screening for toxins.

In addition to residents, our assessment provides invaluable information to prospective and current homeowners that are looking to buy or sell. By knowing the quality of this indoor environment, homebuyers/sellers can give themselves an advantage during negotiations.

Our 60-90 minute on-site multi-point physical inspection
consists of:

  • Household Toxin Screening
  • Indoor Air Quality Test
  • Water Quality Test
  • Furnace Filter & Room Assessment
  • Electro-Magnetic Field Testing (EMF)

Get a detailed report on the livability of your home, cottage, or business, and gain the awareness you need to properly protect your family.