Aura Air


Aura Air is a compact and wall-mounted air purification system proven to disinfect Corona and other flu viruses.

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As the world’s smartest air management platform, Aura Air is an effective and discrete air purifier that can be easily customized to suit individual needs and health necessities. This robust interior air filtration and disinfecting device can control hundreds of devices in real-time using its AI and live data analytics capabilities.

Aura Air features four stages of purification and disinfection:
Pre-Filter: Traps large particles of dust, pollen, and animal hair
The Ray Filter: Filters include HEPA, Carbon, and Smart Copper Fabric
The Sterionizer: Patented ionization technology to purify and freshen indoor air
UVC LEDs: Neutralizes bacteria, viruses, and parasites

Equipped with its array of smart sensors and an algorithm that allows for quick functionality changes, Aura Air is the perfect air quality solution for your office or home.


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