Custom Made Organic Mattresses

Made from durable, 100% Organic materials. Our mattresses are Chemical Free and are completely customizable to you and your sleep partner’s specific needs.

Choose from 100% Organic Wool, Cotton, Latex, Eucalyptus Fibre and Coconut Fibre

Emission-free Memory Fibre and Densified Polyester, springs and coils also available upon request.

10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

100% Canadian Made

Canadian Family Owned & Operated Company

For a free consultation or to submit your custom mattress order please either contact us by email or by phone at 1-877-790-9663 or 1-647-660-4900

Visit our Showroom at the Improve Canada Mall in Vaughan, Unit #65 and try out our display models to start building the bed of your dreams today!