EMF Filters

EMF Protection Detection & Filters

Did you know that electromagnetic fields and radiation from typical household electronics (yes, your cell phone, computer, modem, even the TV!), appliances, Smart Meters and light bulbs can build up in your body?

Recent research shows that our DNA is sensitive almost any exposure to EMF Radiation, affecting biological functioning, circulation, and establishing links to cancer and decreased fertility. The WHO provides some detailed information on precautionary measures to reduce EMF exposure, while admitting that more research is needed to conclusively determine the nature and extent of any negative impact’s exposure may have on our health amid widespread public concern.

EMF filters can help reduce EMF Radiation in your everyday environment. Such a simple little gadget can make all the difference when trying to live your healthiest lifestyle at home and work.
The Filters are intended to be installed throughout your home or office in areas predetermined to contain higher than recommended EMF Radiation levels. How do we know where there’s high EMF Radiation in your space? Check out our exclusive Healthy Home Assessment – EMF testing is a part of the Whole Home or Workplace testing and will direct us in our recommendations on the number and placement of EMF Filters for the most effective protection throughout any space you’d like to cleanse EMF Radiation.

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Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 4 cm
$ 59.99