What we do

Cleanse your tap water through water purification for healthier living

Ensure your family stays safe with a water purification system. Purify your tap water to create clean, soft water free of unhealthy contaminants to provide your family with crystal-clear drinking water.
Water Purification

Purify your air to protect against airborne pollutants and impurities

The air in your home may be filled with pollutants, dust mites, mold, pet dander, even volatile organic compounds—and you wouldn’t even know it. Cleanse your home’s air with air purifiers that can help you breathe better.
Air Purification

Get a well-rested night’s sleep with comfortable and natural organic bedding

Let your body get the proper rest it needs with organic bedding. Enjoy the benefits of the natural world in the comfort of your own bed, and wake up feeling invigorated every morning by having the best sleep of your life.
Co Zzz Sleep – Custom Organic Bedding

Rid your home of unhealthy elements using detoxification

Dispel the malingering effects of harmful toxicants and influences through detoxification. Purify your body and guard against the negative effects of EMF fields to achieve healthier living.

Healthy Home Assessment

Healthy Home Makeovers offers a unique Healthy Home
(or office) Assessment that tests your air and water quality, measures your EMF radiation exposure, and performs a room-by-room screening for toxins.

In addition to residents, our assessment provides invaluable information to prospective and current homeowners that are looking to buy or sell. By knowing the quality of this indoor environment, homebuyers/sellers can give themselves an advantage during negotiations.

Our 60-90 minute on-site multi-point physical inspection
consists of:

  • Household Toxin Screening
  • Indoor Air Quality Test
  • Water Quality Test
  • Furnace Filter & Room Assessment
  • Electro-Magnetic Field Testing (EMF)

Get a detailed report on the livability of your home, cottage, or business, and gain the awareness you need to properly protect your family.