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Whole Home Air Purification

Your body needs clean, pure air, but much of the air around us is plagued by toxins and chemicals that cause chronic health conditions. To maintain your healthy lifestyles, ask about our portable air purification systems. Take them with you in your car, bring one to work, to the cottage or the hotel room on your next vacation!

Whole Home Air Purification Systems (5 Stage)

Our exclusive, patent pending combination, uses HEPA & Carbon Filters, UVC germicidal light (non-ozone producing) and PCO (photo catalytic oxidation). It removes and destroys atmospheric dust, odours, biological and chemical contaminates. Two UV lights are enclosed in a reflector which intensifies the UV rays.

Portable Air Purification Systems (3 Stage)

Having clean air in your home is a great start to getting your family and home as healthy as they can be. Watch as your new air purifier takes harmful dust particles right out of the air in your home within minutes of installation!

Replacement Filters

We carry replacement filters for all our Whole Home & Portable Air Purifiers as well as most residential, commercial purification systems. We’ll even remind you when it’s time for a filter change! Need replacement filters & filter kits? We have what you need.

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