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Whole Home Water Purification

Lead, bacteria, fluoride, heavy metals, and nitrates are only some of the invisible, unhealthy impurities in our daily drinking water.

Choose from Whole Home Reverse Osmosis and Water Softening Systems for soft, clean water. Enjoy the health benefits of pure water, while saving your appliances and pipes from mineral buildup. Fully customized systems available.

Whole Home Water Softening System

Whole Home Water softening system WITH Carbon Bed, Canadian made, Purifiner Brand with delivery and Installation included! Soft clean water for many health benefits and save your appliances and pipes from Calcium buildup. Fully customized systems available.

Vectatwist Reverse Osmosis System

The best RO system on the market, Canadian Made, fully installed, 1-1 water ratio, 4 stage system is the premier RO system on the market today. Purifies your water for Healthy Clean drink. Removes TDS, chlorine, Iron and many more hazards in your regular water.

Vectapure RO System

Vectapure RO system has a 3-1 ratio with great tasting and safe drinking water. Removes unsafe TDS, Chlorine, Iron and other toxins from your drinking water.

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